Have you ever had a bird slam into a window or glass sliding door? This happens often and most people don't know that if the bird is unconscious, two pot lids or pans banged over the critter's head will many times revive them. However, here is something you can do to hopefully keep the little ones away from the glass in the first place. These are easy and fun to do. Great for children.


Here are more ideas for you to consider.  Most of these crafts can be managed by children.  Some will need your attention, especially if there is a hot glue gun or sharp instrument involved. we go with more fun! Click on the photo to enlarge.


    Corkboards are fun to make a great to have around for messages. You will have to have a white or standard chalkboard, chalk or white board pens & eraser, hot glue gun and glue, corks and a knife to cut the corks in half. These boards were made by a then 13 year old.


    Very easy to make, but it uses hot glue. You will need several sticks of hot glue, hot glue gun, waxed paper, table protection from glue spillage and spray paint. When making these, keep in mind that all edges must touch each other or the mat will fall apart. You can find instructions for this online.


    Making beaded jewelry is a lot of fun and great for children's dexterity. There are many sites for super great ideas. I like to shop at thrift stores and buy used beaded jewelry and remake it to my liking. I make necklaces, bracelets, rings and whatever strikes my fancy. Also, don't forget to ask friends and family for their old jewelry.


    These colorful tzitzit, which are commanded to be worn by true, born of the Spirit Believers, were handmade from heavy embroidery thread by a then 13 yr old. And, they do contain the blue thread.


    This wall hanging was made with items purchased, discovered in trash cans or received as a gift. It was fun to make with monofilament fishing line (thickest) and hot glue. All wooden items were hand painted.


    This wall hanging was made with gifts from two special people. I sat for a while and pondered what to do with the items and this was the outcome. The glass baubles have peacock feathers inside. The plant is an air plant. A simple macrame holder was added along with the gold hanger, which was one of the gifts.


I just love the idea of doing easy Batik.  It is SO easy using glue, glue sticks, crayons, etc that even a child can tackle this.  I found a really nice one on Pinterest under the link How to make Batik Fabric with Glue (  There are many ways to do Batik, so you can choose the one that makes you inspired.  



There are times when I need a card for a special occasion, but I just can't come up with anything.  Here is one that I decided would be easy to do and would take minimal time and supplies. 

You will need a card or other item with a large picture, i.e. a butterfly, fish, turtle, etc.  Cut out the picture, as your pattern, using really sharp scissors in order to make smooth, defined lines.  Children should be supervised while using sharp scissors.

Choose the paper you wish to trace this on, using a pencil.  This can be plain card stock, 110 lb cardstock from office supply stores or whatever you feel will work for your type of card.  You can even trace this directly on to plain cards as shown in my photo. 

After tracing, add your extra lines of the drawing to make it look more like the original. 

Now you will need paints, colored pencils or whatever you choose, even pastel chalk will work, but this will need a spray fixative so they won't smear.  Paint over your lines, not making it too heavy, so that you can still see your pencil lines.

Allow the medium to dry.  Add glitter glue over all the pencil lines.  I like a product by TULIP called Metallics, which is a dimensional paint that has a small tip for making thin lines. It comes in several metallic colors. Click on photo to enlarge.

Allow this to dry thoroughly and embellish your card.  Have fun!