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PRODUCE:  Fresh raw and mainly organic produce (watch for country of origin, GMOs)   Eat as much raw as possible.  Many fruits and vegetables are now genetically modified, over hybridized, fertilized and pest control with chemicals:  papayas from HI, green beans, potatoes, yellow summer squash, corn, soybeans, canola, cotton, alfalfa, sugar beets, some apples, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.

BEEF:  Grass-fed or organic beef.  Traditional beef is usually feed corn and soy (both GMO) and other things like hormones, antibiotics and chemical wormers.  Also, be aware of “meat glue.”  If you do not know about this product, please do some research.

POULTRY: Grass-fed or organic chicken or other poultry.  Free range and cage free does not always mean that the animal is allowed to wander with a lot of space between birds.  Many times these terms are just used to confuse the consumer.  Remember, if beef is fed GMO grains, hormones, antibiotics and chemical wormers, you can be poultry is also. 

FISH:  from North ATLANTIC waters only.  Very difficult to find.  For health sake, do not eat catfish, tilapia, and farm-raised salmon.  Many of these are farm raised and fed GMOs or excrement from other animals.  Bottom feeding fish like catfish are eating filth from the bottom of their habitat.  This also holds true for shellfish.  These creatures were made to clean up filth.  Are we to eat these?  Not according to the Scriptures in Exodus and Deuteronomy.  God didn’t take away your raw oysters to be mean.  He’s trying to save your life from an early end—think hepatitis, cancer and other maladies.

EGGS:  Free-roaming or organic chicken eggs (best from local farmer who does not use feed containing GMO grains) Most store-bought eggs are not safe to eat.  Chickens are also fed arsenic to help them lay more eggs, hormones, antibiotics and such.  Please do your own research on the brand you purchase.

DAIRY AND CHEESE:  Dairy products and cheeses are made mostly from animal milk.  Most animals today are fed GMO grains, antibiotics, hormones, and more.  Also, rennet could be from pigs.  It is best to read labels and know what is in your product.

COLD CUTS, PROCESSED MEAT, HOT DOGS, ETC:  Most of these are made with meat glue, unhealthy meats and contain chemicals like nitrates.  Nitrates have been known to cause cancer and are seriously unhealthy for children.  Be a wise shopper.  READ INGREDIENT LABELS!...not NUTRITION FACTS labels!

OILS: Butter (organic), high quality, first cold-pressed, virgin olive oil (many grocery store-purchased cooking oils are adulterated), first cold-pressed virgin coconut oil -Tropical Traditions or equivalent-should smell and taste like coconut), other nut oils, preferably organic, including sesame seed oil.  Most dangerous oils are vegetable (made with GMO soybeans), Canola (made with GMO rape seed), cottonseed (GMO), lard (pig fat), shortening, etc.

GRAINS:  Whole, organic grains only.  Corn, white rice, soy, alfalfa and some other grains have been GMO’d.  It is always wise to use organic grains.  Three days before wheat is harvested, it is sprayed with glyphosate, which is deadly to humans and animals.  Pre-ground flour has little nutritional value.  If you have to use it from time to time, be sure to use organic only.

PACKAGED PRODUCTS (boxes, plastic packages, frozen foods, cans):  Purchase only those that are organic and do not contain, unhealthy oils, sugars and natural or artificial flavors.  These should be eaten sparingly.  Most of these generally lack nutritional value.  They are considered quick filler foods.  Please read all labels and consider what is in the product you intend to eat, thinking it is food.

CONDIMENTS:   Most condiments are loaded with sugars and additives.  Beware of what you are buying even if it says “organic.”  It is easy to make your own.  Seriously!  There are oodles of recipes online for these types of things, and just about anything else, which you should make from scratch.

GELATIN:  This item can be made from all sorts of animals.  Let me repeat, “all sorts of animals.”  The best one I have found is Great Lakes Kosher (no other critters but healthy bovine type) plain gelatin. 

WATER:  Fresh spring, well, distilled or filtered water is best.  Bottled water is not safe as it is packaged in plastic.  Some bottled water contains chemicals and other additives.  City water contains chemicals like lithium, fluoride, chlorine and others.  These are known carcinogens and will alter brain function.  Research is available online.

BEVERAGES:  Only those that are organic and have no additives.  Fruit juices should be avoided as much as possible because they act like pure sugar to the body.  They are also unhealthy for children’s overall health and teeth.  The best fruit juice is fresh fruit blended with water.  Herbal teas (try to make your own or use a quality herbal tea, not traditional tea—check package ingredients), coffee, coffee substitutes should be used in moderation and checked for additives.  Always check ingredients and place of origin.  Health and energy drinks should be checked thoroughly.  Some are not healthy and some downright dangerous.

ANYTHING WHITE:  White flour, white rice, white sugar, etc. should be avoided. 

SUGAR: Most sugar today, unless it says organic CANE sugar is probably GMO sugar beets.  Sugar of all types should be avoided.  Suggested sweeteners would include Stevia (watch for additives), honey from reliable source, molasses (B grade), coconut palm and date sugar.  Do NOT use artificial chemical sweeteners like aspartame, Splenda, high-fructose corn syrup, etc.  Do a search online for your products safety.  (Type in the name of product and then the words DANGERS OF.  This can be done with all additives and products.)

SALT:  Best to use a high quality sea salt like Celtic or Himalayan.  I have been informed that Celtic sea salt has a bit more magnesium that Himalayan.  Regular table salt is a chemical salt.  Your body, especially the heart, needs salt.  Beware of folks telling you to not eat salt.  Please do your own research on this.

CANDY AND CHOCOLATE:  Like everything else, most of this has been adulterated with GMO sugar, poor quality chocolate and additives.  Please do your research and buy the best.

GRAIN PRODUCTS:  It is always best to make all your grain products (breads, cookies, crackers, pastries, etc) from scratch.  Making bread from scratch will take about 10-15 minutes of your time.  Use a bread machine on the manual cycle to mix your dough and then bake in the oven, versus the chemical-coated machine pan.

SLOW COOKERS and OTHER COOKERS:  Most slow cookers have ceramic inserts, which apparently contain lead.  It is a good idea to check on this if you own and use one of these.  Also, beware of cooking machines that are lined with a non-stick coating or are aluminum.

SUPPLEMENTS:  There are numerous companies making supplements.  I highly recommend buying the best.  Department stores and groceries are not necessarily good places to get your vitamins.  These could be chemical in nature and do more harm than good.  Education in this area is important.  For example:  calcium should not come from a pill.  It is best and safest from vegetables and good quality dairy products.


Don’t say you have any malady, sickness or disease.  It is best to learn to ignore the label you are given and put all healing faith in the Creator, asking His help and His direction.  When we say we have such and such disease out loud to other folks, we are giving haSatan the ability to bring it on us and/or make it worse.  If we give Abba Father the credit for healing that problem, even if it isn’t completely gone, haSatan hates that, but Abba hears our faith and responds.  It is amazing how fast physical problems disappear.  I have done this for decades and have seen incredible miracles.

If you decide to use a health practitioner, that is your choice, but more research is needed here.  Many times health problems are related to mental attitudes, actions and thoughts, our diet and our spiritual life.  Take all this into consideration before running for medical help and medications, which all have side effects.  Run to the ONE who created you!  Ask Him to reveal to you what your problem is and why you have it.  Ask Him how to correct it.  More than likely, it is poor diet, bad attitudes or a sad spiritual life.  Ask and you shall receive!  Don’t wait until there is an emergency!!!


RECOMMENDED SITES:  (many of these are also on Youtube.com or have radio programs)

DISCLAIMER:  I do not known these people personally, nor do I follow everything they teach.  It is wise to do further research and discern.  I also do not follow the ways of Yoga.  I realize many do, but when one takes into consideration the root of the basic teachings, it is apparent that anyone who is a born-again Believer should stay completely away from it.  This includes just doing the exercises and meditation.  Yoga is spiritual in nature.  Please study to know the truth about this.

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“Taking pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines is NOT the way to life or health.  Obedience to Yeshua/Jesus and the Father is!  Read the Scriptures and learn the Truth because it will set you free!”